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    Direct Importing


    In our quest to provide cost effective promotional solutions for our clients, we have processes for the direct importation of promotional products from Asia and around the world. With technology improvements in world wide communication and electronic artwork, overseas sourcing provides budget stretching opportunities. We've created an integrated client service facility that evaluates your request and provides the best combination of price and service in the industry.

    Quality Control

    Our inspectors assess the manufacturers that we use to insure that they adhere to strictest standards of product quality. In addition, our vendors address ethical, safety and environmental issues conforming to the highest international standards. Products are tested prior to shipment to guarantee satisfaction.


    GCC has the experience and buying strength to ensure priority status with transportation lines. Aggressive in-hands dates on even very large orders can be met through our expedited service. Whether by sea, air or ground, we'll get your shipment to you, right, the first time, and on time.