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    Sales Incentives


    When sales are down, it becomes more important to motivate your work force to do as much as possible to support existing customers and to attract new ones.

    Sales incentive programs with substantial, memorable rewards have proven more effective than cash at motivating people.

    65% of professionals surveyed feel travel and merchandise are more memorable than cash rewards and 57% say employees regard cash bonuses as an integral part of their employment and not a reward for exceptional performance.

    General Commercial Corporation can provide you with a custom, on line incentive program for your employees; Achieve Your Goals; Receive Your Rewards.

    Distributor and Dealer Network Motivational Tools:

    Take it one step further. Keep your company in the spotlight with promotional products.

    Incorporate those key directives of Vision, Synergy and Leadership to create a rewards program that motivates company sales management. Provide them with the tools to monitor, lead, train and implement your sales strategies through rewarding achievements in methodology, sales quotas, sales leads and much more.

    General Commercial Corporation can help you achieve your corporate sales goals and sales strategies. Partnership is the way forward.